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xxsimple_planxx's Journal

_-_Simple Plan Addicts_-_
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[x]Not sure if we need them just yet

What This Community Is

[x]This is a place to discuss Simple Plan
[x]A place where Simple Plan fans can unite
[x]Feel free to post your icons, thoughts, news, experiences, etc that's Simple Plan related.


[x]Participate- You don’t have to post your own entries, but you must at least reply to someone else’s once and a while.
[x]Compassion- Everyone who is a member of this community deserves to be treated with respect. If there is any mocking, teasing, etc, the person doing so will be banned. We'll go by the "Three Strikes" rule... 3 warnings, then you're banned
[x]Launguage- Let’s face it, everyone swears. So you mine as well here!
[x]Flaming- Don't do it
[x]Hott/Hawt- Please refrain
from talking only about how hot they are
[x]Promblems- If you run into any problems feel free to AIM one of us:

With that all said and done... Happy Postings!!!