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Concerts <33

Well Since Simple Plan has not been anywhere even close to where I live,
((Nova Scotia, Canada)) Maybe some of you guys can tell me about the concerts and stuff,
I'm really hoping they do a full tour in Canada soon, after all they are Canadian...
thanks guys <33
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I've been to two SP concerts and they are amazing performers. They really get the crowd into it!
I hope you get to see them soon!
Oh man me too, I've been waiting for like years,
and the closest they got was like Montreal I think,
which at the time I wasnt going to fly out of province for any concert, but I prolly would now.
Yeah it's worth it!
It is VERY much worth it. I just went to one at Konocti Harbor in Northern Cali and it was AWESOME. Had to drive 2 hours to see the boys and my gf's moon roof on her truck got stolen in the parking yeah, all in all I'd still have to say..WORTH IT.
ya, ive always wanted to see a concert, but ive never gotten the chance, i live in niskayuna, like 3-4 hours away from nyc, and they had concerts in nokia theater, and i wanted to go, but i didnt get too, cuz my stupid parents never looked into it for it was on a wensday, and thursday, and i have school...which really sucked


November 17 2005, 14:47:17 UTC 11 years ago

FINALLY, i get to see them
Dec. 17
ONE month away